Glendale Neck Pain and Injury Relief Treatment with Chiropractic Care

The human neck ranks among the most vulnerable and injury-prone parts of the body. Your neck supports and allows the head to swivel while exposed to hard impact injuries, strains, and soft-tissue injuries. Given all the stress and strain the neck bears, it’s no wonder so many people require treatment and care for pain, stiffness, and headaches. At Healthwise Chiropractic, we provide experienced treatment for neck-related injuries and their symptoms.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Related Conditions

One of the things that hold everyday people back from getting chiropractic treatment is misidentifying the cause of your suffering. Because the neck consists of small, flexible spinal materials, muscles, and other tissues, it can become impacted by a wide range of incidents. Playing sports, car accidents, and even poor posture can result in neck conditions. But the challenge for people who do not work in the medical field is identifying the root cause of your pain. These are conditions related to the neck.

  • Headaches: This catch-all term includes migraines, tension, and cluster headaches, among others. Although the triggers are sometimes difficult to ascertain, a chiropractic adjustment and other treatments can ease suffering without risky opioids or pain medications.
  • Whiplash: This debilitating condition is the result of the violent thrashing of the head and neck backward and forward. It’s a common soft-tissue injury suffered during rear-end car collisions. Whiplash injury treatment often includes pain management, heat and cold therapies, and therapeutic exercises.
  • Pinched Nerves: This condition can cause pain and numbness in the arms, fingers, and neck. This may be the result of misalignments from poor posture, degenerative disc disease, herniation, and other conditions. As experienced chiropractic care professionals, we identify the underlying cause through imaging, physical examinations, and develop a unique treatment to deliver relief.
  • Pregnancy: Expectant mothers experience radical changes to their bodies, and baby’s weight places a significant strain on your back and neck. That’s why we provide chiropractic treatments specifically designed to provide the ongoing relief that pregnant women deserve.

Because neck injuries can present symptoms in other areas, it’s crucial to get a thorough chiropractic evaluation if you experience headaches, numbness, stiffness, tingling, or pain. Taking proactive measures to get secure treatment can be the first step toward natural healing, pain management, and recovery.

Contact the Chiropractor Glendale Trusts for Neck Pain Relief

If you are suffering from any of the telltale signs that could point to an underlying neck injury, it’s imperative to get prompt treatment and care. We urge you to reach out using our contact page by form, email, or by calling our Glendale office at (818) 551-9700. Follow us on Facebook for the latest chiropractic news.